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Mourning | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, A, CD
Summary: The past haunts all those who have survived

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Life Was Easy When It Was Boring | Rating: PG | Category: S, A
Summary:Doggett thinks about the x-files during a morning jog

Mechanical | Rating: G | Category: V, A
Summary: He was returning to his office in the basement with another case to work. To an agent he never felt was ever there.

Seconds | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, D/S UST
Summary:155 words

< Tooms, Jenna >

An Acceptable Level Of Happiness | Rating: NC-17 | Category: MSR
Summary: Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. Fortunately Scully has Mulder, and Mulder has solutions

Black and White Make Red | Rating: NC-17 | Category: DSR, AU, A
Summary: Familiar elements make an unexpected equation

If I Didn't Have You | Rating: R | Category: DSR, A
Summary: Faith is having love even when hope is lost

One Hundred Lines | Rating: NC-17 | Category: DSR, A
Summary: Two bodies, one night, one hundred lines

< Tremblay, Sylvia >

NEW! Indian Summer | Rating: PG | Category: S
Summary: Reyes joins the X-Files and hijinks ensue.

< Turgeon, Suzanne >

NEW! Querant I: The Hanged Man | Rating: PG-13 | Category: Action, Drama
Summary: Scully and Doggett reach a new balance.

NEW! Querant II: Chariot | Rating: PG-13 | Category: Angsty drama
Summary: Logically, there is only so much stress a black-and-white mind can take trying to operate in a totally gray realm before critical mass is reached and meltdown sets in.

NEW! Querant III: The Lovers | Rating: PG-13+ | Category: Angst
Summary: Doggett comes through his Dark Night of the Soul with Scully's able assistance.

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NEW! The Cliffs of Fall | Rating: R | Category: SA, XA
Summary: The kidnapping and murder of Luke Doggett.

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