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Heartsong: The Best of Friends | Author: Julie Jekel | Rating: PG | Category: H, A
Summary: Family and friends gather for a day off and Doggett remembers the turning point that brought them to this place. A glimpse into a possible future

Heartsong: I Don't Want To Miss A Things | Author: Julie Jekel | Rating: PG | Category: DSR, V
Summary: Prequel to "Heartsong: The Best of Friends." John Doggett watches his wife and stepdaughter sleep

NEW! Home | Author: Rusty Armour | Rating: PG | Category: none
Summary: The Doggett thought his troubles had ended when he managed to escape from the subway tunnels, but he hadn't counted on the not-so-gentle ministrations of Special Agent Scully, MD.

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If I Didn't Have You | Author: Jenna Tooms | Rating: R | Category: DSR, A
Summary: Faith is having love even when hope is lost

NEW! If Only | Author: Gracie | Rating: PG-13 | Category: none
Summary: Doggett deals with unfamiliar feelings.

Impossibilium | Author: coolbyrne | Rating: PG | Category: DSF, A, CD
Summary: Doggett discovers how the events in 'Tithonus' have changed Scully's life

Impossibilium, Too | Author: coolbyrne | Rating: PG | Category: D/S, A, CD
Summary: Scully discovers how the events in "The Gift" have changed Doggett's life

NEW! "In Dreams" | Author: JiM | Rating: PG | Category: Skinner/Doggett
Summary: After "Via Negative" Doggett's insomnia blurs the lines between Real Life and the world of dreams.

In One Day | Author: LJP | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR, angst, MSR
Summary: Sixteen years later, one day could change everything

NEW! Indian Summer | Author: Sylvia Tremblay | Rating: PG | Category: S
Summary: Reyes joins the X-Files and hijinks ensue.

NEW! Interregnum I: Secrets | Author: Horatio | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: How well can we really know another person?

NEW! Interregnum II: Negotiations | Author: Horatio | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V
Summary: Doggett and Scully deal with an awkward issue in their partnership.

NEW! Interregnum III: Intersections | Author: Horatio | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, S, UST
Summary: Some feelings, like some bodies, don't always stay buried.

NEW! Interregnum IV: Obstructions | Author: Horatio | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, A
Summary: "What does it take for you to trust me?"

NEW! Interregnum V: Connections | Author: Horatio | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: Scully and Doggett find that a little sun, a little sand, and a little conversation make for a healing prescription.

NEW! Interregnum VI: Disintegration | Author: Horatio | Rating: PG-13 | Category: S/D
Summary: Scully and Doggett walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Intuition | Author: MeridyM | Rating: R | Category: casefile, Doggett/other
Summary: On a ritual murder case in the Rocky Mountains, things get personal for Doggett

Is It Over Yet? | Author: Agent Myers | Rating: R | Category: V, A, pre-XF
Summary: We both knew this day would come

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Labor Relations | Author: Rihannsu | Rating: PG | Category: humor
Summary: Written waaay before Essence/Existance so this birth scenario is exactly nothing like what actually happened

The Last Worthless Evening | Author: Anne Hedonia | Rating: NC-17 | Category: DSR
Summary: A necessary emotional arrangement.

NEW! The Letter D, For Doggett | Author: Forbes | Rating: NC-17 | Category: H, Skinner/Doggett
Summary: Doggett undercover, juicy situation, extreme possibilities, and all the product of a very twisted imagination.

Life Was Easy When It Was Boring | Author: Threads | Rating: PG | Category: S, A
Summary:Doggett thinks about the x-files during a morning jog

NEW! Lone Star | Author: alanna | Rating: R | Category: Pre-XF
Summary: It's fatigue, John, he told himself. Not stress because your wife is pissed off at you, you might miss your kid's kindergarten graduation, and you ditched a perfectly good career in order to become a glorified secretary.

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Man Alive | Author: Anne Hedonia | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR, UST
Summary: He hadn't expected to feel this bad...or this much

Man Overboard | Author: Anne Hedonia | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR
Summary: Instead of having Agent Harrison walk in after Scully left...

NEW! A Man's Man | Author: Halrloprillalar | Rating: R | Category: H, Slash, Sk/D
Summary: When Alpha males collide.

NEW! Manly, Manly Men | Author: David Hearne | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, H
Summary: "You're new to the game, Agent Doggett. The people we're playing against know the rules, have loaded the dice, and hold an inexhaustible number of 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards."

NEW! Marines and Cops | Author: J. S. Michel | Rating: PG-13 | Category: MSR
Summary: "...anybody who fit such a perfect Bureau mold couldn't possibly under the X-Files."

Mechanical | Author: Threads | Rating: G | Category: V, A
Summary: He was returning to his office in the basement with another case to work. To an agent he never felt was ever there

Mere Existence | Author: spookycc | Rating: PG | Category: post-ep, A, V
Summary: post-ep for Existence

Miracle of Mine | Author: M Edison | Rating: G | Category: AU, crossover
Summary: Companion story for Child of My Heart

Mixed Signals, On The Rocks | Author: Melody Clark | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR
Summary: Love seems so cruel, when we are younger

NEW! Moment of Inertia | Author: Pteropod | Rating: PG-13 | Category: none
Summary: Season 8.

The Morning After | Author: LJP | Rating: PG | Category: DSR
Summary: Post-ep for The Gift. Doggett and Scully the next morning

Mourning | Author: Tasha | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, A, CD
Summary: The past haunts all those who have survived

My Eyes, My Ears... My Partner | Author: spookycc | Rating: PG | Category: A, V, post-ep
Summary: Companion piece to "Tunnel Vision" but can stand alone

My Obligation | Author: Kelly | Rating: PG| Category: V, MSR, DSF
Summary: This is my way of explaining the absence of Mulder next season

Mystery Man | Author: Agent X | Rating: PG | Category: post-ep
Summary: Scully realises how little she knows about her partner

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