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NEW! A Man's Man | Rating: R | Category: H, Slash, Sk/D
Summary: When Alpha males collide.

< Hearne, David >

NEW! Manly, Manly Men | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, H
Summary: "You're new to the game, Agent Doggett. The people we're playing against know the rules, have loaded the dice, and hold an inexhaustible number of 'Get Out of Jail Free' cards."

< Hedonia, Anne >

A Couple of Head Cases | Rating: R | Category: DSR, humor
| Summary: In this story, Doggett and Scully are not only involved, they're happy about it

C'Mere | Rating: NC-17 | Category: DSR
Summary: An exploration of what is, in my opinion and in the proper situation, a very sexy phrase

Condensation | Rating: R | Category: DSR, A
Summary: After taking the talk, Scully faces the walk

Fire From Ice | Rating: NC-17 | Category: DSR
Summary: Fun with clichÈs! Snowed-in mountain cabin, wounded agent, nursing back to health, realizations of loyalties, bathtub.

The Last Worthless Evening | Rating: NC-17 | Category: DSR
Summary: A necessary emotional arrangement.

Man Alive | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR, UST
Summary: He hadn't expected to feel this bad...or this much

Man Overboard | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR
Summary: Instead of having Agent Harrison walk in after Scully left...

Semper Fi | With spookycc | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, A, DSR
Summary: Scully learns something of Doggett's past. And Doggett learns something of Scully

< Horatio >

NEW! Eye of the Beholder | Rating: PG | Category: S, implied MSR
Summary: Doggett studies his new partner.

NEW! Interregnum I: Secrets | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: How well can we really know another person?

NEW! Interregnum II: Negotiations | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V
Summary: Doggett and Scully deal with an awkward issue in their partnership.

NEW! Interregnum III: Intersections | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, S, UST
Summary: Some feelings, like some bodies, don't always stay buried.

NEW! Interregnum IV: Obstructions | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, A
Summary: "What does it take for you to trust me?"

NEW! Interregnum V: Connections | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: Scully and Doggett find that a little sun, a little sand, and a little conversation make for a healing prescription.

NEW! Interregnum VI: Disintegration | Rating: PG-13 | Category: S/D
Summary: Scully and Doggett walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

NEW! Thaw | Rating: G | Category: none
Summary: Scully copes with loss and a new partner.

< Jekel, Julie >

Ad Aeternum | Rating: PG | Category: DSF/UST
Summary: Many years after Doggett left the X-Files, an old acquaintance is renewed in a startling way

Heartsong: The Best of Friends | Rating: PG | Category: H, A
Summary: Family and friends gather for a day off and Doggett remembers the turning point that brought them to this place. A glimpse into a possible future

Heartsong: I Don't Want To Miss A Things | Rating: PG | Category: DSR, V
Summary: Prequel to "Heartsong: The Best of Friends." John Doggett watches his wife and stepdaughter sleep

Uninvited | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, SD/UST
Summary: Scully struggles to hang on to her antagonism towards Doggett in the wake of his kindness to her

Unrequited | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, SD/UST
Summary: Doggett thinks about how Scully and the search for Mulder have already changed his life forever

The View From Outside | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, SD/UST
Summary: It's hard to watch a friend selfdestruct

< JiM >

NEW! "In Dreams" | Rating: PG | Category: Skinner/Doggett
Summary: After "Via Negative" Doggett's insomnia blurs the lines between Real Life and the world of dreams.

< Jintian >

NEW! Suttee | Rating: NC-17 | Category: Scully/Doggett, a smidge of Mulder
Summary: The ascending stage of a cycle.

< Jirafe, Sophia>

NEW! Deliberation | Rating: R | Category: none
Summary: "Stupid -- yes, stupid to think he wouldn't guess."

< jrfpatton >

NEW! Closing the File | Rating: R | Category: VRA, M/S
Summary: Scully, unable to reach Mulder after his abduction, decides to close the case and gains perspective from an unlikely source - Doggett.

< Kai, Michelle >

After Three Months | Rating: PG| Category: DSR, MSR
Summary: Sequel to Three Months, also on this archive

Three Months | Rating: PG| Category: DSR, MSR
Summary: What happened between TINH and DeadAlive?

< Karen >

NEW! Exeunt | Rating: PG-13 | Category: AU
Summary: Exeunt -- A direction in Shakespeare's plays used to indicate when a character leaves the stage.

NEW! A Rare Saturday Morning | Rating: G | Category: none
Summary: It was getting hard and hard to forget. And easier and easier to remember.

< Keil, Kelly >

NEW! The Caretakers | Rating: R | Category: S, A, S/D post-col
Summary: In the midst of chaos life still goes on.

< Kel >

NEW! No Longer at Ease Here | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: Returning home from the oil rig in Vienen, Mulder and Doggett explore some common ground.

< Kelly >

My Obligation | Rating: PG| Category: V, MSR, DSF
Summary: This is my way of explaining the absence of Mulder next season

Worth The Effort | Rating: PG| Category: V, A
Summary: What Doggett thought of the events of Alone

< Lacadiva >

Undocumented | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSF, post-col
Summary: Doggett risks his life to carry precious cargo - Scully - across the country to Mulder and safety as the alien takeover begins

< Langleigh >

Breakfast | Rating: R | Category: DSR
Summary: Scully makes breakfast

The Fool | Rating: PG | Category: V, A, D/UST, MSR
Summary: Mulder is alive and Doggett realises exactly what that means for him

Say Anything | Rating: PG | Category: S
Summary: Four Agents come to a crossroads, but are they ready to turn the page to a new chapter in their lives?

< LeClerc, Maddie >

NEW! Scenes in Dark Rooms | Rating: NC-17 | Category: V, A, Sk/D
Summary: Skinner tries to explain.

< LJP >

In One Day | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR, angst, MSR
Summary: Sixteen years later, one day could change everything

The Morning After | Rating: PG | Category: DSR
Summary: Post-ep for The Gift. Doggett and Scully the next morning

< Mare >

Bittersweet | Rating: PG | Category: V, A
Summary: "You lost someone... someone just like Billy..."

Odd Man Out | Rating: PG | Category: V, A
Summary: "Mulder's back now. I don't know what the nature of their relationship is and I really don't care. Whatever they mean to each other, they're together again and I don't belong."

< MeridyM >

Down the Rabbit Hole | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: Where do you go to find redemption?
NOTE: This story is currently MIA and will return as soon as someone finds a copy.

Empathy | Rating: NC-17 | Category: Doggett/Other
Summary: During an unusual weekend, Doggett is reminded that even in the face of loss and regret, you can love and be loved

Intuition | Rating: R | Category: casefile, Doggett/other
Summary: On a ritual murder case in the Rocky Mountains, things get personal for Doggett

< Michel, J. S. >

NEW! Best Intentions | Rating: R | Category: implied MSR, DSF
Summary: Ten years after Existence.

NEW! Marines and Cops | Rating: PG-13 | Category: MSR
Summary: "...anybody who fit such a perfect Bureau mold couldn't possibly under the X-Files."

< Mischa >

Collisions In Infinite Night | Rating: PG | Category: V, A
Summary: When seconds step out of the clutches of time, consequences rise and meteors fall

Past Lives Wanted | Rating: PG | Category: V, A
Summary: Recently on a stakeout you didn't have the heart for, he turned to you and asked if you dreamed in colour

Telecommunicating | Rating: PG | Category: S, D/S UST
Summary: A simple bug hits Scully harder than it normally would, but Doggett is there to catch her when she falls. Another small but significant step in a strengthening partnership takes place, thanks to a fever dream.

Three Times | Rating: G | Category: post-ep, V
Summary: Scully finds herself comparing her new partner to her old as she and Doggett drive home and struggle to find ways to connect

< Miss Bit >

DC Confidential | Rating: PG | Category: V
Summary: Mulder is gone, and Scully and Doggett struggle to come to an understanding

Dog Days | Rating: PG-13 | Category: V, DSR, AU
Summary: Heat can be a powerful catalyst - as Scully discovers at the end of a hot day in July...

< Moose >

Dinner... And Some Answers | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSF, D/S UST
Summary: Scully finally gives Doggett the answers to some questions, but not the ones he thought he wanted to ask

< mountainphile >

NEW! Sins of Omission | Rating: PG-13 | Category: MSR, S, D, V
Summary: Too many important things were left to chance.

< Myers, Agent >

Chronicles of John and Monica: Egg Drop Soup | Rating: R | Category: DRR
Summary: Things never go as planned, do they? Sequel to Tequila

Chronicles of John and Monica: Tequila | Rating: R | Category: DRR
Summary: "The last time I drank tequila I woke up in the john with my head in a toilet. Don't remember how I got there or why I wasn't wearing any pants, but...I decided then and there than tequila was not for John Doggett."

Is It Over Yet? | Rating: R | Category: V, A, pre-XF
Summary: We both knew this day would come

Once and Again | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DRR
Summary: Do you believe in past lives, Agent Doggett?

Something Rational 1 | Rating: R | Category: DSR
Summary: Though Dana Scully seemed calm on the outside, I knew there was a storm raging inside her. Of all the things she's seen and done, all the things she's endured with Mulder, and now to face life without him...I knew it was chaos in there. I just wanted to ease that pain for her...to calm the storm

Something Rational 2 | Rating: R | Category: DSR, A
Summary: Deep down I felt it. Attraction. But just behind that attraction laid guilt. How could I do this to Mulder? What if he's alive? What if he comes back, safe and normal, and finds that I have forgotten him after just two months? I was gone once, and when I came back, he was there. He's always been

Taking You Home | Rating: R | Category: DSR, A
Summary: "... I can't forgive him. I can't forgive him for never saying what I wanted to hear..."

Witness: Prequel | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DRR
Summary: I started to walk towards the cluster of men in blue. They turned towards me and looked at me. Their eyes were sad, some worried, probably for me. They began to walk slowly away from the scene. Suddenly, my body became numb, and my eyes were transfixed on something on the ground. I walked towards it, dread filling me with each step. This is not happening. Please, don't let this be real...

Witness: Part 1 | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DRR
Summary: I lie awake now, listening to the sounds of the house. The hum of the air conditioner, the drip of the nearby leaky faucet, the ticking of the clock...and I think

Witness: Part 2 | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DRR
Summary: I can honestly say that I have never loved anyone as I loved John Doggett. And given the chance, I would fall in love with him again. Hell with it, I already love him. I never stopped loving him

Witness: Aftermath | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DRR
Summary: They say, if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours forever. I like to think this is true, even though I have never put much faith in fate. But perhaps, it is more simple than that. Perhaps I was never meant to set her free, and fate gave me two long years to think about my mistake

Won't Fear Love | Rating: PG-13 | Category: DSR, A
Summary: All the fear has left me now, I'm not frightened anymore

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